Eric Gets His Own Original Commissioned Wings From Renowned Artist Kelsey MontagueBack

 Eric has partnered with renowned artist Kelsey Montague, known for her original angel wing street art around the world, and asked her to paint an original set of  wings for him to take out on tour this year in support of his new single “Angels In This Town” and his paying-it-forward “Angel Visits.”  Eric is also thrilled to announce that the wings and a website dedicated to spreading positivity are being presented by Dexcom, a partnership that has grown throughout 2016 and aims to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes and the benefits of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for people living with the disease.  Their shared goal of improving lives ties in with everything the song, and the corresponding Angels in This Town movement seeks to promote.

The inspirational work Paslay has been doing with “Angels In This Town” – including the “Angel Visits” where he visits local “angels” in the towns on his tour stops including hospitals, fire houses, police stations, Girls and Boys Clubs, Habitat for Humanity volunteers and more – has been inspiring to Montague and aligns seamlessly with her signature #whatliftsyou initiative. “I’m so happy to be working with another creative who is also committed to lifting and inspiring others,” said Montague. Paslay was equally inspired by Montague and quickly became a fan of her work and the message of #whatliftsyou. He even used her Original Street Art located at 11th Ave. South in Nashville as the backdrop for the art accompanying his new single.

At this past weekend’s tour stop in Denver, CO, Paslay and Montague completed the intricate project together. Paslay, an avid craftsman, built the stands for the piece while artist Montague completed the original work of art – a life-sized pair of wings, which includes images of guitars, microphones and the Nashville skyline, a nod to Eric’s home and career. These wings will be available for fans to experience and take pictures with at each tour stop for the remainder of the year. As fans at Denver’s Grizzly Rose did during the wing exhibit’s “opening night,” everyone is encouraged to post their photos using Eric’s and Kelsey’s signature hashtags “angelsinthistown” and “whatliftsyou”.  While in Denver, both artists also took the time to visit the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado, where Eric performed for the kids and staff and Kelsey distributed coloring sheets featuring her wing artwork.

Click HERE for highlights of the day in Denver, CO.

In conjunction with the art project, a new website – – also launches as a call to action for fans to profile the heroes and positive stories in their own lives and towns across the country. Additionally, as fans share their stories, take pictures with Montague’s Angel Wings, and use the hashtag #angelsinthistown, they may see their post featured on the site, presented by Dexcom. A few lucky fans, handpicked by Eric, will not only see their stories re-posted to Eric’s social media, but may also hear from the singer himself.

“Angels In This Town” is now available for download at all digital retail outlets. To stream the song, visit the “Angels In This Town” playlist HERE.

The unique single art is by Original Street Art by Kelsey Montague, located at 11th Ave. South in the Gulch, between the Gulch Crossing and Velocity buildings, Nashville, Tenn.  Montague is an internationally renowned artist that explores how public art, interactive art and social media intersect.  Her murals invite people into the piece and then to share online.  “I believe that art should not be separated from the human experience.  Instead the human experience should have a hand in creating the art itself,” said Montague on her website. To learn more about Montague and her work go

“Angels In This Town,” is written by Paslay, Corey Crowder and Erik Dylan, from his forthcoming sophomore album, DRESSED IN BLACK.

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