Eric Launches “Level With Me,” a Podcast to Give a Voice to People with Type 1 DiabetesBack

“The first episode of my new podcast about living with Type 1 Diabetes is out now! I’ve come to believe that the more we talk about things in our lives, the more we get to the truth. So, I teamed up with my friends at Dexcom to bring you: “Level With Me.” Give it a listen & subscribe on your favorite podcast service:” – Eric

Podcast Schedule:
  • Week of May 20 – Episode 1 features Colleen Rinehart from Pickerington, OH, a nurse, nutrition enthusiast, marathon runner, wife and mother of two young boys. Her optimism allows her to accomplish just about anything, and she refuses to let her T1D get in the way of living a fulfilled life.
  • Week of May 27 – Episode 2 shares the story of exercise enthusiast John Boyer from Mt. Airy, MD, whose mission is to show kids with T1D that nothing is impossible with diabetes. Through a T1D youth camp, Boyer encourages kids to become physically active while being part of a supportive community of others like them who experience similar challenges.
  • Week of June 3 – Episode 3 features 11-year old from Franklin, VA, Abbie Eger and her mother, Julie Eger. Abby was diagnosed with T1D at just 9 years old, and through the loving support of her mother, she has been able to be virtually independent when it comes to managing her diabetes.
  • Week of June 10 – Episode 4 unveils the heartwarming story of mother-daughter duo Keary and Zola Cheney from San Diego, CA. Keary was diagnosed with T1D after experiencing severe symptoms during a trip to Uganda with her husband to adopt their son, Oliver. After recovering in the U.S. and returning to Uganda to retrieve Oliver, they learned of Zola, who also has T1D and was looking for a foster home. The two made the decision to welcome her into their family along with Oliver, and today the family lives a positive, joyful life.
  • Week of June 17 – Episode 5 reveals the journey of “Level with Me” host Eric Paslay through a one-on-one interview with his wife, Natalie Paslay. Eric shares the details of how T1D affects life on the road and how glucose monitoring technology has made life easier by allowing Natalie to monitor Eric’s glucose levels when he’s unable to.

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